Our goal at uCount Inc. is to provide comprehensive technological solutions for our client's diverse and exacting requirements.

We love what we do and are therefore eager to take on new challenges and meet new people.


Whatever you have in mind, we want to make it a reality.


A sleek front-end design is as important as a functional, efficient back-end design. Fortunately we can do both.


Leave some of the tedious work like email blasts and server programming to us. Don't worry we enjoy it!


Take a look at what we do.

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about us

uCount Inc. is the antithesis of bureaucratic business. A boutique shop that just wants to help you.

who we are

Comprising uCount Inc. is a group of people who divorced themselves from Big Business in order to perform technical work personally, without red tape and constrictive bureaucracies. We treat our clients and staff like family, and as a result our family has flourished.

what we do

uCount Inc. specializes in Custom Programming, Networking, Data-Base Programming & Administration, Remote Network Administration, Graphics, Flash Programming, Web Design, Hosting with Python, Django, Cold Fusion and MSSQL.

our specilaties

Web Design

our team members

team 1

Greg Maxwell CEO / Founder

Master Chief, Greg specializes in all things tech, ecommerce, languages, deployment, hosting, you name it. He can mastermind a complex back end system to power just about anything.

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Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in discussing your project. We would love to help!

contact info

  • Address: Gig Harbor WA
  • Telephone: 949-547-6540
  • Email: greg.maxwell@ucount.com

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